Peugeot Type3

Peugeot Type3

The first car that ran in Italy from January 3rd 1893.

When I was asked to inspect this car (and often nowadays), this phrase is misinterpreted: it was not the first Peugeot sold in Italy, but it was the first car that circulated in Italy.

Facing with a such antique car required a reset of criteria of reasoning. The first difficulty was to eliminate all the technologies (indeed the oldest one) but subsequent of the realization of this car, and therefore find which were available at the time and useful now for the restoration.

I am been able to save the originality of many details, including the painting of the whole chassis; however, for the bodywork it was necessary an extensive and structural consolidation work.

It was one of the most exciting and exhausting challenges in my professional life, it happened in 2007.