We offer you much more than a simply sheet of polished wood veneer. Each feature in the right place with particular attention to all the details. We apply and looking for the correct type of wood species, according to the grain type that usually was employed to that manufacturing year of the car. As a result, the quality is not only on the surface but also below. Materials used are valuable and lasting.


From the research of the right veneer sheets, to the application of the technologies to resolve the problem that cyclically facing the woodwork of classic cars. For a long lasting investment we use water resistant glues and a finishing cycle with premium epoxy resins.


Consolidation or reconstruction of structural parts with original wood or in composite material like carbon fibre or Kevlar and glass fibre. According to the circumstances, all of this is made manually or with the aid of lasers, cnc-machines, vacuum machines, epoxy curing oven and autoclave.


Have you got a Mercedes-Benz W113 “Pagoda”? We have the wood finishing parts for the hardtop rear screen. Dark walnut VENEER in order to ensure the original appearance but with the structure constructed in carbon fibre. Have you got a Mercedes-Benz W111-112 coupe or cabriolet? We have the dome of the binnacle to veneer as the original.


The reproduction of the gearbox lever trim symbols of Ferrari 365GT4/400/412 were crafted with hot punches but now, we use a cnc-laser. We realize afresh structural parts in carbon fibre, inlays with rare wood, mother-of-pearl and abalone or with other high value products like hard stones or precious metal.


I’m Enrico Seno Stellin and after a technical and scientific education, in my twenty years, I was chosen to restore the first car that walks the street in Italy, due to the craftsmanship and skill set already learned on the different types of wood. Now this car, Peugeot Type 3 of 1892, is still in the lead position at the National Automobile Museum of Turin. Since then, I’ve been able to develop innovation and changes on glues and supports for automotive woodwork.

Experience, technological research and innovation

My whole approach does not come from the carpentry or furniture. All of this, is a combination of a detailed knowledge of each part of a vehicle and also the ability for lute manufacturing, programming skills and use of numerical control machines, engineering and love for classic cars.

Our philosophy...concretely

The relationship with the customer is extremely important. On classic cars the unexpected could happen. Thanks to an technical analysis, based on the experience gained and the weekly reports, my customers my customers always know the situation at any times.

In 2007 I restored the first car circulating in Italy. A rule for me and a gem for motoring history. It was a great example of technological application on one side, innovation in the world of classic cars on the other. To isolate the bodywork – that is over 100 years old – were used epoxy resins in the substrates and, in order to reproduce the typical old-time gloss, single components lacquers on surface.

Why am I the only one to use a finishing cycle much more expensive and difficult than the competitors? Because after 10 years it must not crack or turning yellow and above all, all the finish shall be in perfectly conditions. It can’t look like plastic or fake wood. That was my purpose from the beginning, as well as having a special attention to environment, with a significant reduction of pollutant and harmful emission for users’ health.

Customer testimonials

Fabrizio Taiana

When in 2007 I restored my ’57 Bentley S1, 1 of 26 coach built by James Young, Radiche Auto Venezia was the only one that have identified the exact walnut veneer grain and found new ones for the restoration After 10 years everything is still perfect and in the right place. Over the years, it was enough to clean the woodwork with a damp cloth and, from time to time, with a little wax.

Davide Penitenti

Radiche Auto Venezia have made an important and significant contribution to the restore of my cars, thanks to the natural finishing of wood grain and pores. There is no chance and all reflects perfectly the culture and the professionism of the master. Thank you once again, Enrico.

Giovanni Verzoletto

I relied on Radiche Auto Venezia on two separate occasions for the restore of my two Mercedes Coupè of the 60’s. The results are outstanding despite the starting poor conditions and the working objective difficulties. Enrico had a great expertise and preparation, he’s always been ready to explain step by step the work done and the problems encountered.

Claudio Schiavon

I came to Enrico both professionally and friendly, because he restores, reconstructs and brings to life everything that is frame-work of my classic Mercedes. Furthermore, I’ve noted an adequate balance between the quality of the work and the asking price. Thanks again Enrico and please…s tay the way you are.

Emanuele Collo

The whole restoration process of the woodwork of my Mercedes-Benz has been not only a pleasant experience in terms of communication and professionalism but has also allowed me to witness the work of a real artist. The end result has exceeded my expectations and I would recommend Enrico to anybody who is looking for the best.

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(+39) 380 1814528


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