The extreme care for details. More than a restoration, the intervention made in this Ferrari 365 GT4 2+2 was a case study.

The customer ask me to plug three non-original holes on the wood profile around the gearbox lever.

After the structural intervention, identifying and applying the new burl, there was still the matter of the symbols for controls and switches. These symbols were originally hot-punched. It was therefore necessary to reconstruct the punches, not an immediate and easy task.

High-technology was a great source of help and support, and after scanning the original symbols, we create a 3D model. Then I tested dimensioning, correct positioning of symbols compared to the piece and performed a lot of tests with a laser mounted on a numerical control bench. To emulate the original aspect, it was necessary to find the correct depth and the faded effect of the burning punches.

After a series of tests, I have been able to find a solution and the result is the same as the original. The final phase was the refinishing of the panel with nitrocellulose paints.